Nigeria’s first focused conference for Learning and Development professionals

The Learning & Development Leaders Conference is a convergence of leading L&D professionals who are passionate about adding value to their organisations. The 2018 edition  was themed “Learning & Development as a Strategic Lever for Business Growth & Transformation” and it focused on the current issues of uttermost concern to L&D professionals with a view to proffering genuine and inspiring solutions for day-to-day and long-term business objectives. With keynote addresses, theory presentations, practical debate, and a wide range of collaborative and networking opportunities, the conference is a great opportunity to listen to – and interact with – some of the leading thinkers, visionaries and practitioners in workplace learning today. Delegates will gain practical guidance to navigate the challenges of today, as well as insights into how to leverage learning for business growth and transformation.

Key Highlights of the Conference
  • Learning and Development Focused
  • Cross-industry Recognised Speakers
  • 300+Senior Learning and Development Executives
  • Keynote Address from top CEOs
Why Attend as a Conference Delegate?
  • Nigeria’s first focused conference for Learning and Development professionals
  • over 30 L&D  foremost speakers, thinkers, visionaries and practitioners
  • Network opportunity with over 300 conference Delegates representing many of the leading private and public sector organisations in Nigeria.
Additional Benefit
  • 10% discount on all 2019 Open Programmes and 10% discount off the use of  The Zone Tech Park Facility till June 30th, 2019
  • Free HR-focused training webinar for the first 50 delegates to register
  • Loads of freebies, learning aids and tool kits.
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