Gideon Ataraire

Gideon Ataraire - Chief People Officer, Ensure Insurance

Gideon Ataraire – Chief People Officer, Ensure Insurance

Gideon Ataraire

Gideon Ataraire is a Certified Management Trainer, a Certified Personality Profile Administrator (PPA), a DDI accredited Facilitator and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (ACIPM). He has a Master’s Degree in Global Human Resources Management from the University of Liverpool, UK. He served as a Director of the World Institute of Action Learning, International, (WIAL) USA (2014 to 2016).

He is a learning and development specialist with many years hands-on Human Resources experience most of which in active HR Learning roles at management/supervisory levels in large organisations ranging from Telecommunication, Insurance to Banking. He has hands-on knowledge and skills implementing Knowledge Management, Action Learning, Performance Management, and Learning Evaluation having implemented these in a tier one bank in Nigeria and having been trained in Canada.

He is the first Certified Action Learning Coach (WIAL) in Nigeria and West Africa. He has successfully instituted and managed learning and development departments of two large corporate organisations – A CDMA Telco and Top Tier Insurance Company – and has taken up roles in other technical Human Capital areas – Succession Planning, Career Management, Knowledge Management, and Business Partnering.

He has been directly in charge and actively involved in other occasions in implementing human capital projects like competency framework development, curriculum development for an academy, knowledge management framework, learning evaluation framework, consultants’ selection framework, human capital strategy and others.

He currently serves as the Chief People Officer in Ensure Insurance PLC, a subsidiary of GGH, a global financial services company in London.

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